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TEC - 944: Animation Technology - Flash for your Curriculum!
Our students are being assailed by animation and video games that are both visually and mentally exhilarating. Learn how to compete with these games! Learn how to animate your curriculum.  

TEC - 945 Graphics on the Web!
The course allows students to get acquainted with all areas of computer graphics and produce eye-catching graphics.

Brent L. Nabors
15 years experience

It is very clear that a lot of work
went into developing this course
in its online form

Teaching is clear and concise. Lectures take students by the hand. Materials are easy to follow.

Learned a lot in a very
short time!



Fresno Pacific University (FPU)
All units are offered through the Univesity of Fresno Pacific from the Center for Professional Development. FPU iis the only accredited institution of Christian higher education between Los Angeles and Sacramento. Fresno is located in the Central San Joaquin Valley, between the Sierra Nevada mountains to the east and the beaches of the Pacific Ocean to the west. The metropolitan area is home to about 500,000 people and a rich mix of cultural and ethnic diversity. Take a tour of Fresno Pacific University!  
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The school began as Pacific Bible Institute in 1944. After a transitional junior college phase, Fresno Pacific University received Western Association of Schools and Colleges accreditation in 1965, the same year in which the first Bachelor of Arts degrees were granted. A fully accredited graduate program in Education was initiated in 1976. The growth and development of undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies programs led to renaming the college Fresno Pacific University. Fresno Pacific University is the only fully accredited, Christian liberal arts senior school in the southern part of California's great Central Valley. Fresno Pacific University serves not only members of the Mennonite Brethren Church but also persons from the larger church and public.
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School of Professional Studies Mission Statement
The mission of theCenter for Professional Development Studies is to model and to extend the kingdom of God in this world through professional development dedicated to meeting the lifelong learning needs of individuals serving society while engaged in the professions. The School seeks to integrate theory and practice through innovative strategies, and to encourage professionals in informed reflection on values that inspire the highest standards of professional and ethical behavior in the pursuit of excellence in their chosen field, in order to bring transformation to society.

Fresno Pacific University, Center for Professional Development.
Fresno Pacific University is accredited by the Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and authorized to offer course work through the School of Professional Studies. Center for Professional Development courses at Fresno Pacific University serve a distinct audience consisting of practicing pre-school through twelfth grade teachers and school administrators. The primary goal of the Center is to meet the needs of school districts by providing training that will strengthen the teachers, the school districts, and the students they serve.
Policy Statement: 900 Level Independent Study Courses
The Fresno Pacific School of Professional Studies offers independent study courses through its Center for Professional Development.that are primarily designed for students who have baccalaureate degrees and appropriate teaching credentials. These courses are graduate level, professional development units that are not part of a degree program but instead are primarily used for professional advancement. Students should seek approval of appropriate district or college officials before enrolling in these courses to satisfy any degree, state credential, or local school district requirements.

Tuition and Materials Fees
Tuition rate is $99 per semester unit plus applicable materials fees.
All prices of taxable items include sales tax reimbursement computed to the nearest mil.
Tuition and materials fees are subject to change without notice.
Center for Professional Development courses do not qualify for financial aid or loan deferment.

***** Partial Materials: Students ordering partial materials should ascertain that they have access to all the required materials before ordering. Any shipment of materials after the partial materials have been mailed may be subject to additional postage and handling fees.

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Enrollment is possible at any time throughout the year. Students may register online with a credit card, by returning a completed registration form and appropriate fees to the SPS Center for Professional Development office, or by dialing (559) 453-2015 or 1-800-372-5505, using Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card. You may also register online by clicking on Online Registration.

Do not call instructors to enroll. Instructors are notified daily of new registrants. Course materials are then mailed directly from the instructor, not the CPD Office. Fresno Pacific University, Center for Professional Development.

Dropping units from a course in which the student is already enrolled is not permitted.
Students may take 9 semester units concurrently, but may not complete more than 15 units in a semester.
Students have up to one year to complete a course.
A minimum of one week per unit of study has been set, by design, as a standard for all Center for Professional
Development independent study courses.

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A full refund for tuition and instructional materials, less a $20 handling fee, will be granted if a course is dropped within four weeks after registration and all materials are returned to the instructor in their original condition. After four weeks, a 50% refund will be granted through nine weeks. After nine weeks there is no tuition refund. Student must officially withdraw from a course, or a "no credit" grade will be issued by the instructor one year after the date of registration.
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Special Fees
A telephone and/or additional postage fee may be charged, at the instructor's discretion, to students currently residing in Hawaii, Alaska, US territories, or foreign countries.
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Students may request an extension for up to six months from the Director of Independent Studies prior to the original due date. A letter or an Extension Request Form (found at must be submitted to the Director of Independent Studies prior to the original due date, accompanied by a $20 handling fee.

Grades will not be released until all tuition and fees have been paid.
If students do not complete course requirements within the six-month extension period, a grade of No Credit will automatically be issued.

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Credit for Course Work
Students must submit completed coursework to the instructor in order to receive credit. Grades are posted within five business days of notification from instructor; a computerized grade report is mailed to students immediately thereafter.

An official transcript may be obtained from the Registrar's Office after the computerized grade report is received by the student. The grade report will reflect credit in the semester in which the course was registered; the transcript will reflect the actual course beginning and ending dates. The ending date is based on the postmark on materials mailed to the instructor.

If a student wishes to receive a letter grade instead of a credit/no credit grade, the request for letter grade box must be checked when completing the three-part Grade Form which is to be returned to the instructor with the completed course assignment. Credit is equivalent to a letter grade of "B".

Grade disputes must be made within 1 year of date grade report is issued.

Important Note: Health/Physical Education (HPE) and Computer Technology (TEC) courses do not fulfill the computer or health component requirements for the California Clear Credential.
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Official Grade Reports and Transcripts
Before you order transcripts:
1. Finish the course. Be sure to return the completed 3-part Grade Form to the instructor.
2. Wait for the official, blue computer-generated Grade Report to be mailed to you from Fresno Pacific University.
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To order your transcripts:
After you receive your official, blue computer-generated Grade Report, go to for information and the official transcript request form or call 559-453-2268 for information on how to order transcripts.

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