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TEC - 944: Animation Technology - Flash for your Curriculum!
Our students are being assailed by animation and video games that are both visually and mentally exhilarating. Learn how to compete with these games! Learn how to animate your curriculum.  

Brent L. Nabors
15 years experience

It is very clear that a lot of work
went into developing this course
in its online form

Teaching is clear and concise. Lectures take students by the hand. Materials are easy to follow.

Learned a lot in a very
short time!


About the Units.
All units are offered through the University of Fresno Pacific from the Department of Professional Studies. FPU is the only accredited institution of Christian higher education between Los Angeles and Sacramento...

TEC - 945 Graphics on the Web!
The course allows students to get acquainted with all areas of computer graphics and produce eye-catching graphics.

All Classes are Online
All work for this class is done through the online interface. Class projects are uploaded, papers are turned in online, and you can see your progress at any time - No guessing as to what your grade is going to be!
Video Tutorial
All assignments are accompanied by a Flash video tutorial to assist you in making the connection between the book and the application.
Classes Offered.
At the present time we are offering Animation Classes and a Graphics classes with several others classes under development.
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